fire_fiend (fire_fiend) wrote in calgary_poly,

I help run a monthly workshop group for the kink/fetish/BDSM community in Calgary.

We did a workshop/discussion in November on Swinging, and it was fairly well recieved, however there's not a lot of intigration between swinging and bdsm right now in Calgary (at least publically) However.. there's a lot of people who are drawn to polyamory, and would like to learn more.

We cover all sorts of topics that are BDSM oriented – or that affect the BDSM community like safety, aftercare, and relationships. We also cover other semi-related topics like belly dancing, tantric sex, etc...

I'm currently in a poly relationship, however I sort of stumbled into it... so I dont think that I'm the best person to talk about it. Likewise, I've found getting in outside sources can be the best, because the people speaking come without a lot of community baggage.

I posted this request a few months ago on this board, with no trails to follow, apart from people emailing me personally to ask if I'd found someone, because they'd like to attend a workshop on Polyamory...

If anyone would be interested or willing to come speak, our website is and our email is Likewise, if you know of someone who is not on this board.. if you could pass along the info, it would be appreciated. Our workshops are generally on the fourth Saturday of the month, and usually run 1-2 hours in length.

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I have attended alot of poly classes and find them most frustrating because there isn't alot of helpful info and/or personal responsibility attached. (I think you and I were both at the one at Lup? I found it so frustrating...)

In any case, I would volunteer in a year or so but not now. I sure hope you find someone great! I'd like to attend, for sure.
*nods* i was sitting in front of you I think (if you were there with ABDom) at the one at Lupercalia.
It was the only one I've ever been to, so the personal responcibility thing I didn't see as a trend. I've seen that presenter before, and that issue (regarding her previous triad) came up there too... and yeah.. I can get that impression too.
The class that I have in mind is more of an "introduction to" - for people who are curious - but not practicing polyamory... It seems finding a local presenter is just as difficult now as then.
Its like as long as you can do fireplay without burning someone... you're a success. People seem to think that in order to be successful at a relationship, you can never break up. Kind of forgetting the nature of "success"...
Yep, that was me.

Its like as long as you can do fireplay without burning someone... you're a success.

That made me laugh out loud! ;)