fire_fiend (fire_fiend) wrote in calgary_poly,

Looking for a speaker

I run a monthly kinky discussion group for the BDSM community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We cover all sorts of topics that are BDSM oriented – or that affect the BDSM community like safety, aftercare, and events.
For November’s group, we’re doing Swinging, and it’s come up that a lot of people would like to discuss Polyamory at some point as well (sometime after December). Although I could speak on the topic, I’d like to get someone separate to come and speak.

If anyone would be interested or willing to come speak, here’s the information about the discussion groups: (click on the “discussion group” link) you can reach me here, or through

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Good luck to you, hope you manage to find someone to do it. Getting poly information out is never a bad thing.
Here's hoping!