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Poly workshop

July 28th P3Gatherings will be presenting a workshop on Polyamory in Calgary, Alberta.

P3Gatherings is a group focused on workshops and play parties for the BDSM/Leather/Kink community in Calgary, however we thought that since there is a great degree of crossover, that members of this community might also be interested in attending the workshop.

We have been looking for instructors/discussion leaders for this topic for a long while, and are pleased to have Nelson and Jilleena joining us for this workshop. We also anticipate that a number of other individuals interested in Polyamory (with or without BDSM) will also join us to share their perspectives. Nelson is the current President of the Edmonton O Society, and Jilleena is also on the EOS board, and is the founder of the Views from the Bottom group.

This workshop may be interesting to those who are in mono-poly relationships, those who are thinking of exploring non-monogamy, or those who are newly entered into non-monogamous relationships. Naturally, although not designed to be a mixer, it will also be an opportunity to meet other like-minded people. Individuals/couples/groups that have more experience with polyamory are also invited to come and share your experiences with the group.

If you would like to attend this workshop, tickets are 8$/each which helps pay for the cost of our space. They are available in person, or by snail-mail. An advanced needle play workshop and a private play party will also be taking place the same day. Please visit our website or drop us an email if you are interested in learning more.
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