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Avoiding Sexual Souvenirs

I normally just post P3Gatherings workshops on the Calgary_kink group, however I thought this one is important enough that other people in other communities might also be interested.

Avoiding Sexual Souvenirs Workshop:
“Most of us are aware of HIV and transmission risks, however many of use are unaware of other sexually transmitted infections (STI's), which are more common than HIV and often easier to transmit. Many of us mistakenly assume that condoms protect us from all STI's. In this workshop we will review the common STI's and how to lower our risks of transmission. We will also discuss safe play and care for our equipment.”

Presenter: Dr. G is a Family Doctor in Edmonton. He has been practicing for 8 years and has a large urban GBLT practice. He also has developed a large HIV-Positive patient population. Dr. G has become concerned by the rise in the rates of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections within both the GBLT and the larger leather community in Canada. One of his goals has been to increase awareness of risk and safety issues in both the GBLT and leather communities.

This workshop will take place Saturday March 24th at 2pm at a private hall in the south west. (Transit accessible) Workshop tickets are 8$ each, and you can get more information about the workshops, the presenter, and our group at : or

Tickets are available by mail (the address is on our website) at the Monday night ASK munches, and elsewhere. Email us at if you have any questions. Please note, our workshops are geared towards a kinky audience, and we ask that all guests respect that. 18+ only.
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